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We offer a range of services to our investors including fund raising, corporate advice and investment advice. However, our main activity lies in advising on capital markets, this is the main source of opportunities we can offer you. Investing into projects that wish to list or are already listed on Australian Securities Exchange. These projects may be at a grass roots level allowing you to gain a significant discount to future prices or as an ongoing project potentially allowing you to gain a return through the growth of the project.

Corporate Advice

We advise corporations on acquisitions, capital structures and restructures. The advice ranges from assisting international entities to assisting juniors with unlisted structures. Advice varies from being focused on a specific part of the project to assisting the company with the entire project such as a company going from formation to an ongoing concern.

Fund Raising

EC Securities offers fund raising opportunities from grassroots seed capital levels to initial public offerings and ongoing raisings. These opportunities are usually based upon an foreseeable underlying fundamental growth in the company, a significant discount in the price of the securities or a combination of the two. We are focused on offering investments that give a satisfactory return on investment. Our offerings vary from the resource industry to apparel manufacturers, Australian assets to overseas assets, small capitalised companies to medium capitalised companies and both listed and unlisted ventures.


We offer broking services to allow our clients to trade, hedge and divest. Our services are offered for both the Australian and International Market. Our Australian services reside to listed and unlisted securities and almost all the securities listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Access to international markets includes major exchanges such as, Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), NYSE Liffe and the Chicago Climate Exchange. A broad range of securities can be traded on these exchanges including, shares, foreign exchange, treasury bills, swaps, indexes and commodities. For more information on trading internationally visit our page on Trading the US Markets.

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